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New version of the AliveCor Kardia app available - now including new features for base and premium members

With the Kardia Mobile and the Kardia App it is possible to measure ECGs anytime, anywhere and to diagnose heart diseases such as cardiac arrhythmias faster. The app allows the customer to easily and easily share the collected measurement data with their own doctor. Both sports activities and food intake are recorded with the Kardia app. This allows ECGs to be assigned to specific activities, eating habits or symptoms. From now on, the new Kardia App includes advanced basic and premium membership diagnostics.

The new features include:

  • The determination of bradycardia / tachycardia immediate analysis. Also "unclassified" ECG recordings will be displayed as bradycardia (40-50 BPM) or tachycardia (> 100 BPM) in the future.
  • Local storage of ECGs in the Kardia App. Saving ECGs in the app was one of the most requested features of the customers. Adding storage capabilities significantly improves the user experience. Some customers have expressed privacy concerns, as long as these ECGs are stored on their (personal) smartphone. Therefore, an option has been implemented to disable ECG storage in the ECG settings if a customer so desires.

All these changes will be immediately available with the next update of the app. Please note that the Premium Card is still required for use with the Kardia Band.

Titan Commerce Continental Services GmbH
2019-04-24 09:03:00

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