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By means of efficient passive or active sensors, we measure and analyse your body and help to improve your performance sustainably. Our wearables mainly address topics around your health and the aim to improve your well-being sustainably. Our innovative products help you to develop a stronger consciousness for your own health and your body. Constantly, new and helpful technologies are launching which relieve your life or help you with changing it in a positive direction. At MindTecStore, you will find wearables in the field of sports, Bio- and Neurofeedback as well as mobile and low-priced medically approved equipments for the measurement of heart rates (ECG), atrial fibrillation, cuff-free blood pressure and pulse measurements with analysis of artery age. Sportswear with integrated sensors are just as efficient as our gaming area. Here we offer you unique gaming robots controlled by an HMI (Human Machine Interface) in the frame of Neurofeedback trainings. In the following, you can find a brief excerpt of the range of performance:

11.08.2020 13:20
With great pleasure we inform you that a D-Heart App update has been released.

In the present release we improved our App by:

- improving user experience and connectivity;
- integration of all iOs devices (iOS 13.5 or above) and many other Android devices;
- New integration possibilities;
- Telecardiology improvements;
- New languages implemented: Dutch, Romanian and Lithuanian. More

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Bellabeat Leaf Chakra + Mala Neklace Bundle

Bellabeat Leaf Chakra + Mala Neklace Bundle

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AYO - Light therapy glasses

AYO - Light therapy glasses

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Qardio Core ECG Monitor

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Emotiv EPOC Flex Saline Sensor Set

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