A&D Medical Connected Digital Thermometer
Precise Telehealth digital thermometer with Bluetooth. Never again uncertainty about measurement results, because absolutely accurate and certified. Also suitable for pregnancy measurement - without deviations. Simple connectivity.

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Accuracy from the beginning

The UT-201 is the 4th generation of the range of A&D telehealth monitors, and is designed for the home user as part of the "wellness connected" family of products and free app, A&D Connect.

The home use blood pressure monitor (UA-651BLE), scale (UC-352BLE) and digital thermometer (UT-201BLE) are available with Bluetooth® Smart, also known as Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, to give home users a seamless connection between these monitoring devices and an Access Point (e.g. smart phone, tablet, personal computer, home hub, printer, modem, etc.).

With the convenience of these three products, A&D offers a simple way for people to collect and transmit data to your GP or other family members, for immediate access to critical results.

With A&D's "wellness connected" family of products and free app, A&D Connect, you are able to easily use a blood pressure monitor, personal scale or digital thermometer throughout your home and upload the data almost instantly - taking ownership of your personal health.

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Target Groups: Physicians Hospital usages Advanced Users Professional Beginner
Operating System: Android iOS
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Gift Health Telehealth
Product features: Bluetooth
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Product weight: 0,20 Kg

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