A&D Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor AFib Screening
The Must-Have for every traveler! The A&D wireless wrist blood pressure monitor detects irregular heartbeat and classifies blood pressure in accordance with medically approved standards. Connect all your A&D devices and log your measurements conveniently on A&D Connect App.

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As with the UA-1200BLE, measurement can be started from an app or from the monitor itself. Starting from the app allows you to see instructions and progress on your mobile device.The UB-1100BLE allows up to 5 users and 1 guest, so one device can work seamlessly for an entire family. An unlimited amount of readings can be stored on the A&D Connect app. Of course, you can also share your data with your family.This is the smart way to a healthy life. The UB-1100BLE will surely be the next standard for blood pressure monitors.

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