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AYO, a wearable tech for body clock adjustments based on Nobel Prize awarded discoveries, fulfills thousands of Indiegogo preorders, lands in all KLM flights worldwide from Nov 1st

30.11.2017 12:08

Happy customers in over 80 countries are now enjoying their AYO device - a blue-light emitting wearable that helps boost overall energy levels, optimize sleep, and beat jet lag during travels. This year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology was awarded to 3 American researchers J.Hall, M. Rosbash and M. Young, to recognize their discoveries of mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm, mimicked by the AYO system. AYO engineers have studied the Nobel laureates’ work, as well as many other clinical Chronobiology research efforts at leading institutions including Harvard, Oxford and NASA.

The result of a three-year development, testing and engineering process, AYO makes use of the latest developments in Chronobiology – the field that studies the human body clock. AYO delivers its clinically-tested soft blue light using innovative technology that actively increases energy levels, improves sleep, and minimizes the tired, lagging feelings that often accompany jet lag.

“AYO is the first step in the personal adjustment of internal body clocks. It will help us to improve our lifestyle, to remain healthy, and to keep the doctor away.” said Prof. Bert van der Horst, Chairman of Heath and Chronobiology at Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam.

These studies, along with the several thousand elated AYO customers, further demonstrate AYO’s ability to actively manage humans’ biological clocks, sleep cycles, and energy levels to deliver healthier, happier, more active lives. Key to the “jet lag” solution in particular is AYO’s software-driven exposure to a special blue light at proper timing and intensity. By wearing the AYO device as little as 20 minutes a day:

  • Frequent travelers can beat jet lag quickly, feeling fully refreshed no matter the time zone they happen to be in.
  • Stressed workers can experience improved energy through the innovative use of safe and natural blue light technology that mimics the sunlight.
  • Snooze-lovers can finally find and set their natural sleep rhythm for brilliant, energizing “sleep time” and healthier, more productive “wake time”.

The intelligence behind AYO are the dedicated iOS and Android apps. After creating a profile based on the user’s sleep habits and lifestyle preferences, the sophisticated algorithms perform an in-depth analysis, calculating critical points for sleep-wake routine and activity levels.

The AYO app then analyses the sleep and lifestyle habits and provides a truly personalized approach, guiding the user on when to use AYO, when to avoid light, and others. The AYO app comes with smart programs for Travel, Sleep and Energy, with additional ones in development.

From November 1st, 2017, millions of passengers of KLM (the oldest operating airline in the world with $10B in annual revenues and 35,000 employees) will also have the opportunity to beat jet lag with the help of AYO blue-light wearable, which has already been awarded as last year’s winner of the Air France - KLM innovation challenge. Novalogy Inc., the company behind AYO, has formed a partnership with the major European airline in order to make AYO available to purchase on board of all KLM flights.

“Jet-lag is a problem that has been with us since the dawn of aviation. Since we started traversing time zones our body clocks have difficulty adjusting to the new daylight rhythm at destination. AYO can make a strong contribution to solving this problem.” said Rogier van Beugen, Director of Innovation KLM.

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