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Qardio MD enables secure remote monitoring in COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms

Qardio MD enables secure remote monitoring in COVID-19 patients with mild or no symptoms

Qardio has released a new remote monitoring solution to identify infections, including COVID-19. The solution is now available in the UK, EU and Canada. This AI-based solution records the vital signs reported by QardioCore, the outpatient ECG solution. In addition to the ECG, QardioCore continuously monitors breathing frequency and temperature. A composite assessment of changes in these key values ​​can be an early indicator of infection. The algorithm can detect pre-symptomatic infections to allow early intervention before secondary infections develop. This means that some of the highest risk patients - patients with heart disease or other chronic illnesses - can stay at home with ongoing care.

Remote patient monitoring and early detection of infections including COVID-19.
People with known health problems can now have their vital functions monitored remotely by QardioMD + VSI, so that a deterioration in their condition is recognized at an early stage. Our clinicians at Qardio's remote monitor the Visensia index and examine patients before they become critically ill. The patients stay at home while being monitored remotely. This protects reduces strain on capacities in the health system and reduces the possible spread of infections. The patient also benefits from continuous 3-lead ECG data provided by the QardioCore device that alert physicians remotely and in real time to arrhythmias.

Qardio uses OBS Medical's Visensia Index, a technology that helps identify patients at risk of significant deterioration. The index is already used in the United States and the EU. A patient's risk index is automatically generated from just three vital signs and individually adjusted for each person by taking underlying conditions such as arrhythmias into account.

Both the QardioCore ECG measuring device and the associated QardioMD platform for doctors and hospitals are available in the Mindtecstore. Favorable conditions are available for professional users.

2020-04-06 13:46:00

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