AliveCor Kardia Mobile 6L - Pre-Order now

11.07.2019 09:07

Take a 6-lead ECG outside the doctor's office - anytime, anywhere! This is now possible with the new Kardia Mobile 6L by AliveCor. The Kardia Mobile 6L is now available for pre-order in our shop. Delivery is expected for August 2019.

What does the new Kardia Mobile have in store for you? Never before has more heart health information been so readily available. Easily share detailed 6-lead ECGs with your doctor to better assess your heart's health. Your ECG history is automatically stored on your phone and is available for easy access at no additional cost.

The new Kardia Mobile 6L:

  • Detects AFib, bradycardia, tachycardia and normal heart rhythm
  • Gives your doctor more detailed information about the heart
  • Provides physicians insight into specific arrhythmias that are leading indicators of cardiovascular disease

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