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AliveCor is working with the Mayo Clinic on a new project 01.08.2017 10:14

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AliveCor, Mayo Clinic developing AI screening test for heart condition that causes sudden death

Smartphone-connected ECG maker AliveCor is teaming up with the Mayo Clinic once again, this time to develop algorithms to screen for Long QT syndrome, a heart condition that can often cause sudden death, especially in children. The partnership also includes an additional, undisclosed investment in AliveCor from Mayo Clinic.
Long QT syndrome is named for the interval between the Q Wave and the T Wave on an ECG.
“For a number of people, they have a genetic mutation that causes the extension of the QT interval and they die,” AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra told MobiHealthNews. “It’s particularly tragic when this happens to children. You have no warning. What you find out is that their kid suffered from genetic Long QT and it was never caught. Parents spend much of their efforts afterward trying to educate other parents and to put into place screening programs to catch these things. Because if you know you have genetic Long QT, there’s lots of ways to treat it and it’s very very treatable.”
AliveCor is working with Dr. Michael Ackerman, one of the world leaders in Long QT research, to combine AliveCor’s largest ECG dataset and machine learning experience with Ackerman’s existing work on Long QT.

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