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Balance training for more stability and performance in athletes

The best preparation for a successful season

The stats are in: Clinical studies with professional athletes have repeatedly shown that a consistent schedule of just 2 balance training sessions per week for 8 weeks results in improved stability and better performance across multiple sports. When the goal is to jump higher, throw farther, hit harder, or improve agility and speed, athletes need balance training as part of their training.

Avoid getting sidetracked

No athlete or sportsman wants to miss training, miss part of a season or, worst of all, give up a dream because of an injury. Better joint stability and mobility significantly reduces an athlete's risk of knee and ankle injuries while playing. If athletes carry out preventive balance training, they can significantly reduce their susceptibility to injury.

Strong core

Balance training can also help strengthen core muscles. Strong core muscles are important for improving posture. This can improve performance in many sports including golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, handball, skiing, swimming and many others.

Strong core muscles can also help increase strength in the legs and arms due to leverage. This is especially important for sports that require explosive movements, such as basketball, handball, or sprinting.

improvement of coordination

Good balance training can also help improve coordination. Better coordination can help athletes coordinate their movements more effectively, thereby improving their performance.

In summary, balance training is important for competitive athletes to improve their athletic performance, prevent injuries, strengthen core muscles and improve coordination.

Innovative solution for more performance & fewer injuries - Bobo Balance

How can athletes improve their balance skills as quickly as possible?

Innovative training systems, with direct correction aid and entertaining, playful training units, enable particularly rapid training developments and improvements. Such an innovative training system is the Bobo Balance. It was developed for professional athletes - physiotherapy patients as well as for the accompaniment of a healthy, child development.

How does bobo balance training work?

The Bobo Balance System includes the Bobo Balance Board and included stability pad, as well as access to the fully loaded Bobo mobile app.

The Bobo balance training enables:

  • Live Bio Feedback:
    Live bio-feedback is possible thanks to seamless connectivity between the app (for smartphones or tablets) and the Bobo Balance Board.
  • Motion tracking and analysis
    The live bio-feedback not only represents the training results, but also enables advanced movement tracking and analysis to identify balance patterns.
  • Immediate help during training
    The movement analysis gives the athlete direct feedback on how to perform their exercises better and thus gradually improve misalignments/postures.
  • Large selection of dynamic training programs
    The needs of the athletes are sometimes very different. This sometimes depends on the performance level, the type of sport and the desired training goals. Thanks to a large selection of dynamic training programs from beginners to experts, there is a suitable training program for everyone. Individual training can also be added.
  • Playful training for long-lasting motivation
    The interactive games include a motivating game-based experience for all levels. This guarantees a long-lasting enthusiasm for training and motivation.
  • 100% free
    The app is 100% no cost for monthly subscriptions and no fees for updates.

Successful use in many sports

Balance training is independent of the sport. Body stability and balance are of great importance in all sports. This is also confirmed by experience reports from various sports:

“Without exaggeration, the Bobo training has improved the game of our entire team. It's like they're seeing around the corner.” — Men's collegiate basketball coach

"I see improvement in mobility in all my players from game to game" - High School Tennis Coach

“We are happy to see fewer knee injuries since using the Bobo system. I wish we had this tool last year!” – women's soccer coach

Where are Bobo Balance products available?

Bobo Balance products are available in the MindTecStore.