BioBeat BB-613 Single-use patches for BioBeat sensor
BB-613 adhesive - the Biobeat monitoring platform measures vital signs in real time using wireless, non-invasive medical technology. These sensor-guided disposable patches give you accurate readings for short-term monitoring.

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The web platform of Biobeat

  • Accessible from any web platform
  • Intelligent warning system
  • Adjustable threshold values for each vital parameter and each patient
  • Instrument panel
  • View and manage your entire department from one screen
  • Display graphs and historical data for each vital sign and patient

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Medical sleep laboratory

  • Tracking and monitoring of sleep parameters and vital signs to create a medical sleep report.
  • Patient sleeps comfortably in his own bed and creates an authentic sleep report. Each patient receives his or her own patch, thus avoiding waiting times and unpleasant experiences with a used device.
  • The patch is easy to apply and is activated immediately when connected to the Biobeat app.
  • The patch is simply thrown away at the end of the monitoring period.
  • A report is automatically generated and sent to the healthcare provider via the Biobeat cloud.
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