Biobeat long-term measurement vital signs 20 clients
BioBeat Telemed HOME COMPACT for 20 patients - real-time, mobile, wireless. Constant measurement of vital functions such as blood presure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate variability, stroke volume, cardiac output, cardiac index, pulse presure, systemic vascular resiostance, one lead ecg (patch only) mean arterial pressure, sweat level, skin temperature. For clinics, nursing homes and chronically ill patients.

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This Biobeat watch is a
Complete solution (end-to-end) with all comfort

The Biobeat watch connects to the Biobeat app, which uploads all data to the secure cloud. The Biobeat web platform makes it possible to monitor patients at any time and anywhere, without restricting their freedom of movement.

  • FDA-approved:
  • Cuff-free, non-invasive blood pressure
  • oxygen saturation of the blood
  • pulse frequency

The Biobeat Portable Wrist Watch and Patch are CE marked (Medical Device) for non-invasive, cuff-free monitoring of blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate and saturation Data can be completely de-identified to respect privacy regulations.

{tab Function}

The Biobeat watch measures and registers the following parameters:

  • Blood pressure
  • respiratory frequency
  • oxygen saturation
  • pulse frequency
  • heart rate variability
  • risk of stroke
  • Heart rate
  • heart attack risk
  • pulse pressure
  • vessel resistance
  • degree of welding
  • Arterial mean pressure
  • skin temperature

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  • Cuff-free, non-invasive blood pressure measurement
  • analysis of the oxygen saturation of the blood
  • Recording the pulse frequency
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