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Biobeat - medical multi-sensor system for vital parameter measurement now available in Europe

BioBeat offers two new types of systems, one for the acute measurement of vital parameters for hospitals and emergency rooms (BioBeat PatchSensor) and the other for long-term measurements of vital parameters (BioBeat clock) for nursing and clinics. The parameters recorded include blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, heart rate variability, stroke volume, cardiac output, heart index, pulse pressure, systemic vascular resistance, ECG (a lead), mean arterial pressure, sweat level and skin temperature.

The Biobeat watch is intended for chronically ill patients and clients who need a long-term monitoring device at home or in a home care facility. It offers continuous real-time monitoring. The patient then has to charge the device for 2 hours and can then continue to use it.

The patch is more suitable for use in the hospital or before hospitalization. It is a single use device. The special thing about this medical device is that once it is attached to a human body, it starts to work directly in a very simple way. Here, too, the data is continuously monitored and transferred in real time to the Biobeat app or within the hospital network to the cloud. 5 systems per room can be linked via gateway. Medical personnel can view the data immediately after they have been recorded.

The BioBeat sensors can continuously monitor a list of vital functions and hemodynamic parameters. It is a non-invasive portable wireless device. The data derived from the sensor can continuously via z. Wi-Fi, BT, cellular, etc. and be transmitted in real time. They can be combined with any electronic patient record and subjected to in-depth data analysis to gain clinical insights and recommendations for healthcare providers and patients.

All data is transferred directly to the existing medical systems. For example, a nurse can display the information on a tablet or on a nursing station screen. An alarm can and should be defined for each of the devices, which is based on the preset person parameters, so that warnings are issued in the event of deviations in the measurements. Patients can use the app to mark when they are taking a certain medication. This is very important because after a few days / weeks the doctor can understand whether the prescribed treatment really helps the patient or not.

The Biobeat system is now available for the first time in Germany and the EU through TITAN Commerce, a pan-European medical technology distributor based near Frankfurt, and is available at Mindtecstore.com. Hospitals and other users have the option of having an individually configured system put together and implemented.

About BioBeat:
Biobeat is an Israel-based biotechnology company that has developed innovative cloud-based medical solutions for the continuous non-invasive accurate monitoring of vital functions and other clinically relevant parameters in medical quality. It offers end-to-end capabilities so that individuals can now be monitored and healthcare providers do not necessarily have to be next to them.

Biobeat Products are available here: https://www.mindtecstore.com/Products-by-BioBeat

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2020-05-19 09:48:00

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