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Biofeedback is a generic term for various systems for measuring bodily functions and general physical condition. With the help of this measurement data, you can directly and specifically initiate changes in your well-being and behavior and keep track of improvements. Common biofeedback measurements include heart (pulse and ECG), electrical skin resistance (for stress measurement), body temperature and many more.

Biofeedback can help you to deliberately and purposefully influence certain behaviors such as physical relaxation, tension and relaxation of certain muscles or even a reduction in negative stress sensations. This happens, for example, through targeted influence of breathing, muscle tension, heartbeat, blood circulation and sweat gland activity - all functions of your body that represent the current state of certain aspects of your metabolism.

A variety of sensors and electrodes are used for measurements. These sensors can be quickly and easily attached to the skin. Temperature sensors and sensors that can measure the blood flow of the upper tissue layers are usually attached with Velcro straps.

Our offers include renowned manufacturers such as AliveCor (mobile ECG measurement), Cosinus (in-ear pulse measurement), eSense (temperature and stress sensors), Maisense (cuff-free blood pressure measurement), Picooc (smart scales), Pip (stress measurement), Spire (stress and activity tracker) and several others. The spectrum ranges from entry-level devices to fully configurable professional multi-sensor systems. Many of our products are approved as medical devices and can therefore be used clinically. Information on this can be found in the respective product description.

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