BodyCap e-Celsius Performance Activator Kit
The Activator activates the capsule e-Celsius® before a recording session.
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Therefore, the capsule is activated and associated with the monitor. Press OK to confirm the announcement. Monitor assigns to the capsule a number between 1 and 3, the reference for data display. By default, the assigned number will always be the lowest available between 1 and 3 (available mean that there are no associated capsule or stored data associated with this number).


  • If the LED of the activator stops flashing and the message "Error! Would you like to restart an activation " appears on the monitor screen, please check the positioning of the e-Celsius® performance capsule in the hole of the Activator and / or slightly move the e-Celsius® performance capsule in the hole, press the button OK on the monitor to restart the association process and re-press then the button on the Activator. It may be wise to rotate the pill inside the hole during activation progression in order to optimize the process.
  • Be careful:It is highly recommended to verify the environment table used for activation. If the environment is metallic, it could be difficult or even impossible to activate pills properly.

For the activation of an additional capsule, repeat the procedure. It is possible to connect up to 3 capsules in parallel with a single monitor.

{tab Features}

Storage and/or transport

  • humidity between 30 and 80% of relative humidity
  • atmospheric pressure between 800hPa and 1060hPa
  • ambient temperature conditions between 0 and 35°C.
  • avoid sprayed water
  • protect from exposure to sunlight.


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