BodyCap e-Tact® Monitoring system
Wearable device for activity and temperature measurement

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Accurate activity quantification during the day is a key indicator. This parameter, in association with temperature, allows to characterize circadien cycles, activity/rest rhythms. Regularity and correct amplitude are signs of wellness.The device e-Tact® can be used in gerontology, either for clinical use, or for research purpose. e-Tact® is the perfect tool, to analyse biological rhythms when studying chronic diseases.e-Tact® shape fits all kinds of morphology and takes in account all movements at different places of the body. This is a great help for therapeutic reeducation like specific program for overweight people. e-Tact® allows to analyse a wide range of exercises and not only walk. This deep analysis enables positive feedback and encouragement built upon relevant indicators.Since e-Tact® is able to catch tiny movements, it contributes to provide precious indications on sleep quality.

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Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Research Health Pro Sports Therapy
Target Groups: Therapist Developer Athlete
Product Type: Set

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