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Brainband XL EEG Headset mit Ohrclip
EEG Brainwave Headband which measures your brain activity
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The Brainband XL is the worlds first research grade customisable EEG Neurofeedback headset which also integrates directly into VR headsets allowing brainwaves to go beyond the lab and the screen into the real and virtual world.The Brainband XL uses a single dry sensor on the forehead and 2 sensors on the ear to measure brainwave activity, this is then transmitted via Bluetooth to a computer, tablet or phone allowing a user to see their brain activity, focus, relaxation and mindfulness states in real-time.It safely measures brainwave signals and monitors the attention and relaxation levels while also allowing a user to interact with the different exercises and games.

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The Brainband XL SDK is also available for desktop, mobile and VR applications. The Brainband XL is also available in Cap form or you can simply buy the cap which is designed specifically for the Brainband XL Headset.

The kit includes:

  • Brainband XL Bluetooth Unit
  • Neopreme Headband
  • 1 x Sensor Cable
  • 1 x Ear Clip or Ear Hook (depending on availability)
  • 1 x Charger Cable
  • Instruction Manual*

The current version of the Brainband XL is not compatible with iOS devices, however when the firmware update is ready we will upgrade the device for free.



Myndplay User Manual 2.0_EN

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