Emotiv EPOC+ 14 Channel Mobile EEG Headset - Professional measurements
Portable, high-resolution 14-channel EEG system. Fast and easy to assemble. Perform measurements in practical research applications. Incl. free Software.
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Whether it is the control of wheelchairs, keyboards or the high-resolution recording of brain activities. Now it's time to click on "Add to basket" to see for yourself the Emotiv Epoc+'s outstanding performance.

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Third Install the sensors

Remove the sensor units with the felt glides from the moisture pack and insert them into the black plastic headset arms. Carefully turn it a quarter turn clockwise until you feel a click. Be careful not to turn the sensors by force. The sensor units should be stored in the Moisture Pack when not in use.

4th Attaching the headset

Slide the headset upside down with both hands. WARNING: DO NOT RANGE THE HEADSET. It should slide on the head. The reference sensors have a black rubber cover. Position the sensors directly behind each earlobe on the bone. Correct placement of the reference sensors is critical to proper operation. The two front sensors should be about the hairline or about 3 fingers wide over the eyebrows. Pair your headset via Bluetooth or USB. Hold the two reference sensors (just above and behind your ears) for about 20 seconds.

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Supported Platforms

  • Windows: 7,8,10; 8 GB RAM; 500 MB of available hard disk space
  • MAC: OS X; 8 GB RAM; 500 MB of available hard disk space
  • iOS: 9 or higher; iPhone 5+, iPod Touch 6, iPad 3+, iPad mini
  • Android: 4.43+ (without 5.0); Bluetooth Low Energy device


  • Battery: Internal lithium-polymer battery with 640 mAh
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours when using a USB receiver, up to 6 hours when using Bluetooth Low Energy

Available detections **

  • Mental commands: Neutral + up to 4 trained items per training profile
  • Performance Metrics: Excitement, Commitment, Relaxation, Interest, Stress, Focus
  • Facial expressions: blinking, wink L / R, surprise, frowning, smiling, clenching, laughing, grinning

**Licensed access. Raw EEG also available


  • 1.19 kg


  • 9 15 15 mm

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Our brain-computer interface flagship software designed for Insight and EPOC + headsets, available for free on Mac and Windows

Brain Control

With EMOTIV you can control machines with your mind. Throws events through thoughts with our detection of mental commands. Optimize applications in real time to respond to your cognitive status with our performance metrics.


With EmotivBCI, you can train multiple mental commands and view your real-time performance metrics. You can also view the facial expression and motion sensor data streams from your headset to enhance your BCI application.

Training Profiles

Training feedback leads you to creating strong profiles and unlimited profiles allow you to try out different strategies or create profiles for different applications. Test your profiles by moving a cube with your mind or controlling the expressions of an avatar in the app.

Free Software Download

The EmotivBCI software can be downloaded free of charge from the Emotiv page. The Download will be available after the checkout, via our Emotiv App found in your account. Here you can find the link for the software download.

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Is the headset small enough for kids?

The Emotiv Insight and the Emotiv EPOC + can be worn by children over the age of six. For the Emotiv Flex you have to place a special order, which we can customize for your desired size. Simply contact us via email or telephone.

Can I wear the headset while lying down?

Most people with different types of paralysis can use EPOC + in some way. If the user needs a headrest, there may be a problem with the headband on the back. However, the headset can usually be placed to bypass the support, or it can also be placed backwards if needed. Mental commands continue to work in this orientation, while some facial expressions are retained, others can be retrained, and some are lost with the headset reversed. The excitement continues, but it is less likely that the other detections of performance and emotional state will work properly with a reversed headset, although they will not be completely lost.

Can the EPOC + Emoticon be used as a full-fledged assistive device for wheelchair control, home automation or mental typing?

There are many people who develop support systems, wheelchair and robot controls, home automation systems, etc., and there is no reason why paralyzed users should not use these systems - but make sure they are safe! The level of control is more than sufficient for successful use in many settings, but be careful. Any critical function controlled by the neuroheadset must have an independent kill operation that the user can reliably invoke to put the system into a safe state.


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