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Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Home license
Excellent Brain is a real-time, cutting-edge neurofeedback training platform developed for attention training use at clinics and at home This is the first program developed for personal use. (6 month license. EEG Headset is not included)

€ 299,00

including 16% VAT , plus shipping (ohne Versand - Softwarelizenz)


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To use the Excellent Brain you will need a EEG Headset (which is not included.) We recommand the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2 EEG headset which measures your brain activity and connect easily to your PC or tablet with a standard Bluetooth device. This headset enables the user to visualize brain activity associated with different mental approaches to performing various task, identifying the optimal mental approach for each individual and growing skillful in accessing it through repetition. The training program of Excellent Brain is made up of thirty encounters, each 20 minutes long. In each encounter you will perform ten different mental activities for two minutes each. At the end of each activity your performance will be graded so that you will be able to keep track of your progress and achievements. Bear in mind that the purpose of the training is to improve personal skills by identifying the concentration inducing mental approach that is best for you. Repetition is the best way to pinpoint and habituate those mental approaches. Please note: Excellent Brain and the MindWave Mobile 2 in combination are only compatible with Windows 10.

Weight: 800 g

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Excellent Brain training method

The training method is simple and accessible to everyone! The trainee puts on his headset (EEG sensor) that imitates his brain waves and plays a variety of computer games. Differently from an usual computer game controlled by a mouse, in Excellent Brain activity the trainee is playing by using the force of his thoughts? Only when the brain is at the precise frequency the trainee is gaining score in the game. This way you train your brain in a positive feedback method (when I am in focus, I get better scores) to maintain focus and attention. The more you practice, the more focus and attention you can achieve over time The Excellent Brain training program comprises of 30 separate training sessions (each session length 20 minutes). After finalizing each session, the trainee gets follow-up reports on his progression. In addition, the software provides access to free activities that are excluded from the full training program in order to enable the trainee practicing with friends and familly and to set individual challenging goals.

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For download the Excellent Brain Demo Version click here:


Excellent Brain - Home User Manual_EN

Excellent Brain - MindWaveMobile2 - Bluetooth Pairing Guide_EN


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