Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Trainers Kit
You are a therapist, psychologist or coach for neurofeedback? Then start your session with the innovative real-time training platform from Excellent Brain in cooperation with the proven Neurosky Mindwave Mobile 2 EEG headset. Experience exciting training programs for young and old and increase the attention and concentration capacity of your patients. Order now! (6-month exercise trainer license + Neurosky Mindwave Mobile 2)

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In this point of time the trainers platform includes:

  • EEG sensor
  • Training program (30 sessions of 20 Min. each - progressive and accumulative)
  • Free activities (2 Min each) in various difficulty levels to choose. For dynamic therapy.
  • Video option - to upload from a local file in the computer and when focus is reduced the movie is fading out.
  • Audio option - to upload from a local file in the computer and when focus is reduced the volume of the music is reduced.
  • Soon - the trainer will get the option to build a session a training program for his patient and use it in the clinic or send it as a homework.
  • Supervision and progress reports of the patient performance.

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Excellent Brain training method

The training method is simple and accessible to everyone! The trainee puts on his headset (EEG sensor) that imitates his brain waves and plays a variety of computer games. Differently from an usual computer game controlled by a mouse, in Excellent Brain activity the trainee is playing by using the force of his thoughts. Only when the brain is at the precise frequency the trainee is gaining score in the game. This way you train your brain in a positive feedback method (when I am in focus, I get better scores) to maintain focus and attention. The more you practice, the more focus and attention you can achieve over time The Excellent Brain training program comprises of 30 separate training sessions (each session length 20 minutes). After finalizing each session, the trainee gets follow-up reports on his progression. In addition, the software provides access to free activities that are excluded from the full training program in order to enable the trainee practicing with friends and familly and to set individual challenging goals.

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For download the Excellent Brain Demo Version click here:

Excellent Brain Demo Version


Excellent Brain - Trainer Manual_EN

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