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Excellent Brain’s ADHD Neurofeedback platform German version has been launched and available at Mindtecstore (brand of TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH)

Excellent Brain’s ADHD Neurofeedback platform German version has been launched and available at Mindtecstore (brand of TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH)

Excellent Brain, the Israeli Neurofeedback startup, specializes in the development of advanced brain training products utilizing Neurofeedback technology and Mindtecstore, a brand of TITAN Commerce, a veteran distributor of advanced EEG equipment and solutions have signed a partnership agreement to advance the Neurofeedback market in Europe and other designated countries.

About Mindtecstore:

The Mindtecstore is your shop for neurofeedback, wearables and health gadgets. We have a large selection of well-known manufacturers, e.g. NeuroSky, Neeuro, AliveCor, BrainCo, Macrotellect, Sound for Life, Excellent Brain, and much more.

As the market leader in the EEG headset sector with excellent service, we would like to inspire you as a preferred provider for individual bio and neurofeedback solutions.

About Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a very effective training method that uses EEG sensors to measure the brains activity and to produce a positive respond when needed. The effectiveness of neurofeedback as a brain training tool has been validated in dozens of studies, and the technology has been approved for use to improve ADHD symptoms.

Despite this, most of those who suffer from ADHD are unaware of this option and immediately turn to other solutions, such as medication- a solution which frequently has undesirable side effects. The primary barrier which had so far prevented people from gaining access to neurofeedback therapy is that neurofeedback training has only been available in dedicated clinics. Not only is the capacity at these clinics limited, but scheduling visits to these clinics, with the ADHD children, frequently in the middle of schooldays/workdays poses a great burden on most families. The new home use kit provided by "Excellent Brain" removes this burden.

The Excellent Brain ADHD home kit enables individuals to carry out a personal neurofeedback training at home, allowing them to connect to the program through any PC or tablet (with Windows 10). The Excellent Brain interface is simple and user friendly and the kit includes instructions which enables the user to train his brain at home whenever and to the extent that fits with his schedule.

How does it work?

The principle on which Neurofeedback is based is to measure brain activity with an EEG sensor as the trainee is performing various video game like tasks. The result provides the trainee with an audio-visual feedback which enable him, through repetitive practice, to teach himself to self-regulate his brain activity, achieving greater concentration and attentiveness.

What ages does it fit?

Ofer A. Lidsky the Founder of Excellent Brain said: "Neurofeedback can be used in almost any age to improve different brain functionalities. The official age is 10 and up".

2020-07-01 14:36:00

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