Exxentric Foot Support long for kBox4 Pro
The Exxentric Foot Supports Long are important accessories if you want the most versatile kBox 3 flywheel training experience

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Short Version

Foot Support: short

For the short Foot Support, the most obvious use is, in pairs, to limit stance. This is great for the coach when working with different athletes or clients and a specific stance is preferred.Another frequent use for the short Foot Support is to push down the non-moving part of the belt at the short side of the kBox to change the angle of the force. In doing so, you can do a standing row with both a vertical and horizontal vector.The short Foot Support is also used to limit the angle of the ankle when doing lateral squat, placing the resting foot on the leaning side of the Foot Support. It can also be used as heel support for narrow stance squat as well as to elevate the foot for calf presses facing the short side.

Long Version

Foot Support: long

The long Foot Support is primarily used as heel support for users limited in flexibility and those who need help with balance to go deeper in squat exercises, with a normal to wide stance. It can also be used for calf rise exercises.

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Physical Principles

  • With flywheel training (also known as isoinertial or yoyo) instead of lifting a weight against gravity, you accelerate or decelerate a flywheel. This way, the force required in each motion is variable as it is based on the inertia and the kinetic energy of the flywheel. Read more.

Physiological Advantages

  • Flywheel training offers many advantages over traditional strength training. The resistance is variable and unlimited. Eccentric overload can easily be achieved as well as mobility, ergonomy and economy. Read more.

Scientific Evidence

  • Multiple academic studies have provided support for flywheel training in recent years. We present a selection of some of the more important studies in the field. Read more

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It could be a regular deadlift or stiff-legged deadlift. The experience of the eccentric phase in the #kBoxDeadlift will be new for most people. A nice exercise for lower back and hamstrings. Read more

High pull
Can be a total body workout on the kBox thanks to the variable resistance and eccentric overload. Kick in with the legs and the eccentric phase will kick you back. Works deltoids, trapezius and arms in the regular setting and most of your upper body and core in the CLAC overload setting.

Biceps curl
With the Exxentric ultra light bar, this will be your new favorite exercise. Forget giving the biceps 12 sets in the gym. The kBox will do the work in 3 maximal sets with eccentric overload. Read more

Triceps extension / over-head press
Slow and heavy with high force development with some core strength added. Perfect for a basic exercise to build strength and power in more complex exercises.

Bent-over row
After a couple of sets of rowing with eccentric overload you won't be able to go back to the traditional weights. It is a heavy exercise but still with a lot of power and motion, especially in the eccentric phase. It strengthens upper and lower back, shoulders and arms. Read more


Target Groups: Athlete
Applications: Fitness Pro Sports
Product Type: Accessory

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