Focus Pocus PC-Software Application
***SOLD OUT *** Please contact us! Exciting and entertaining PC game specially for kids. Playful learning of concentration and attention exercises

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Focus Pocus

Attention and relaxing training for kids

How to activate your software:

  1. After your order is complete and payment was received you will get an automated response which includes a direct download link for Focus Pocus. Please download the software and follow the installation instructions.
  2. You will receive a separate mail that includes an activation code for your software. When prompted, please enter your code.
  3. Enjoy Focus Pocus!

{tab Function}

How it works:

  1. The child puts on a NeuroSky headset with a sensor on the forehead, which gives the possibility to control the game.  
  2. You also need a computer (or Smartphone/Tablet) on which you install the Focus Pocus software. The player impersonates a wizard who has to master twelve levels with increasing difficulty to gain new magic powers. For every successfully completed level the player gets new spells (rewards) which will help to beat the final boss.
  3. After 25 training units the wizard reaches the next higher level. Now he can play challenges and multiplayer games as well as further exercises. In this phase of the training the user should use all the skills he has learned so far. The training speed can be matched individually to the user.
  4. Performance control via FocusIn In order to keep track of your childs training progress you can use FocusIn to control the performance. All recorded performance and EEG data is transferred to FocusIn and presented, saved and shown in daily reports (as a spreadsheet). 
    1. You have to be logged to the Neurocog website ( to use FocusIn.
    2. After completing 25 training units you will receive a thorough report of all results by FocusIn. This report considers changes in performance of impulse control, working memory, state control and EEG.

{tab Advantages}

  • Compatible to all mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Increase of performance - by individually adjusting the difficulty levels
  • Low expenditure of time
  • First learning successes after only a few units of training
  • Flexibility - Whether in practice with a therapist or at home, Focus Pocus can be used everywhere
  • Regular performance control via FocusIn

Important Information:

You can`t find the license Key? - There is a pocket in the outer sleeve and there is a piece of paper of Focus Pocus with a scratch box that contains the license key code.


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