Forbrain bone conduction audio feedback headset
Improve your cognitive skills and language with using the Fobrain and TOMATIS methods. Not only for therapists. Outstanding and valuable.

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Speech is characterized by a complex chain of articulated sounds which are arranged in a very specific rhythmic pattern. This rhythm is based on the amplitude and the duration of the emitted sounds and on the emphasis given to each. Speech depends on our ability to consciously generate these sounds. Managing this requires a continual adjustment between the sounds we give out and what our ear perceives mainly via bone conduction. This is known as phonological awareness. By amplifying the fundamental sounds of spoken language and favouring their perception via bone conduction, Forbrain® facilitates our ability to speak and communicate fluently.


Memory plays an essential role in all learning processes, beginning with reading. It is mainly our short-term memory, also known as phonological memory, which enables us to store verbal information for rapid analysis. It is the verbal memory that we use when reading a text, and which enables us to make sense of the text and to structure it with punctuation and rhythm. It is also what enables us to hold a conversation and follow a line of reasoning. Verbal memory is linked to awareness of articulation in speech, in other words, to the level of attention focused on the message given out and received. The Forbrain® filter highlights the rhythm of speech, and bone conduction facilitates its integration, thus enhancing our ability to retain the message.

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Dynamic filter

By using Forbrain® you will perceive your own voice filtered and modulated by a frequency-modifying filter. This filter is dynamic, meaning it continually activates and de-activates depending on the sounds you are uttering. It is programmed to amplify high frequencies and soften low frequencies, and is triggered by the initial articulation of words and by the pronunciation of long vowels. It highlights the so-called ?bright sounds? which play a very significant role in language development. This extremely sensitive dynamic filter enables you to hear your corrected voice. Consequently, your speech will be improved spontaneously and without conscious effort, and your voice will become more rhythmic, more resonant and more harmonious.

Auditory Feedback Loop

Forbrain corrects the way you hear your own voice leading to better speech production and increased confidence.

These benefits can be achieved with the Forbrain during workouts with only 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks

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How to wear it

Place the wraparound head band behind your neck with the transducers resting on the bone in front of your ears, not on your ears! The microphone should be placed in front of your mouth with a minimum distance of 3 cm (1,2 inches). Don`t put the microphone too close to your mouth, it could create some feedback!!

How to charge it

Connect FORBRAIN to a standard USB port on your PC or a wall charger via the USB charging cable. FORBRAIN will fully charge in 3 hours. The LED Indicator will show solid red when charging and will turn solid blue when charging is completed.

LED Indication

  • Solid Blue - Normal working mode
  • Blue light goes out and power off - Battery too low
  • Solid Red - Headphone is being charged
  • Red light goes out - Charging completed

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How long does it take to use the Forbrain?

  • 1-5 years: 5-10 min
  • 6-14 years: 10-15 min
  • From 14 years: 15-20 min

Are there any contraindications?

Forbrain is a painless and noninvasive sensory stimulation apparatus. Like any stimulation, Forbrain can excite and tire the user during the sessions. Forbrain is not suitable for:

  • Children under 3 years
  • For people with Parkinson's disease
  • People with hearing loss in both ears of 80%
  • People carrying a Cochlear Implant
  • People with epilepsy (except on advice of a specialist)

Is Forbrain a certified device?

Forbrain has received the following certifications amongst others: FCC, and UN38.3. Therefore, it is officially approved to be commercialized.

Do you have any questions?

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