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Get the high quality BrainLink Lite V2.0 EEG Headband for the same price as the Brainwave Starter Kit

Due to the extended delivery time of the Brainwave Starter Kit you have the chance now to receive a the higher quality BrainLink Lite V2.0 EEG headband for the same price as the Brainwave Starter Kit. So for a short time it's available for 149,-€ instead of 159,-€. Interact with stress relief in Apps for Android and iOS to improve your mental skills. Effective Neurofeedback training let you relax faster and teach you to get focus on point. Learn how to change your life and get positive results with just 3 min. per day.

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2018-04-26 11:02:00

OMRON M500 Intelli IT is Computer Bild price-performance winner. It is specially designed for use at home.


Bellabeat Ivy, a smart and stylish health bracelet specially designed for women and their needs. It supports you in harmonizing body and mind and thus helps to improve lifestyle habits in the long...


Always the right amount to drink with Spring, the smart drinking bottle


Tucky, the i nnovative thermometer patch for permanent temperature monitoring , is now available at the MindTecStore.

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