Hidalgo Equivital EQ02+ B3 sensor belt with aux connector
Sensor Belt with one aux Connector for the SEM (SEM is required)
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  • ECG, HR, R-R interval
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Galvanic skin response*
  • Core temperature capsule/Dermal Patch*
  • Accelerometer, X,Y,Z, Activity
  • Body position/Movement
  • Oxygen saturation*
  • Blood pressure*

* Measured using a compatible ancillary sensor

{tab Function}

The SEM (is required)

The SEM slots into the low profile belt cradle and it?s LEDs, visible when worn on body, provide status information including transmission, power and external sensor connections. It has a rechargeable Li Polymer battery which takes approximately an hour to reach full capacity. The SEM includes a medical grade infra-red thermometer and tri-axis accelerometer. All data is stored on an integral 8GB SD card, allowing retrospective data download and analysis.

Real time data transmission

Data can be transmitted in real time from the SEM, via Class 1 Bluetooth, to a mobile phone or computer, for viewing and analysis.

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B3 and B4 Sensor Belt Fitting Guidelines_EN