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Important Information for our Affilate Partners - Please check and update your affiliate links 13.09.2017 12:52

Dear Affiliate Partners,

as you have probably already noticed, we have launched a completely new webshop for We hope that this new  and improved webshop design will improve the customer experience significantly.

This new webshops also leads to some changes for our affiliate programm:

  • Your affiliate ID is the same as before if you were already an affiliate in our old webshop
  • Please check your affiliate links to make sure that they still work or update them accordingly
  • You will need to create a new account at our webshop
  • After you have created your new account send us a quick email at so that we can connect your account to our affiliate programm.

The terms and conditions for affiliate remain unchanged. The affiliate registration can now be found here:

Don’t hesitate to concat us if you have questions or issues with the new affiliate system!

Your MindTecStore team