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Innovative jewelery for health-conscious women

Specially developed for women

Designed specifically for women and uniquely designed for women, the Bellabeat Ivy uses data from:

  • menstrual cycle,
  • of lifestyle habits as well
  • biometric readings
  • and put them in touch.

Results visible via app

The accompanying, compatible Bellabeat App provides a comprehensive and accurate state of mind and body, identifying gaps in self-care and suggesting improvements. It takes detailed measurements of:

  • resting heart rate,
  • respiratory rate and
  • cardiac coherence overnight.
  • The Ivy B.YOU Health Bracelet automatically tracks activity, steps, sleep, meditation and calories burned. All with algorithms tailored to the female body.

Bellabeat Ivy - more than a classic fitness health tracker

What is measured:

  • Readiness score and recovery insights
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Detailed measurements of resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence overnight
  • Automatically tracks activity, steps, sleep, meditation and calories burned

Long battery life and many variants

With a battery life of approx. 8 days and the ability to charge the Bellabeat Ivy wirelessly, it can be flexibly integrated into everyday life. The Bellabeat Ivy comes in the following colors: Ivy Blush Rose Gold, Ivy Blush Silver, Ivy Garden Jack Black, and Ivy Garden Rose Gold.

Bellabeat - an American brand especially for women

Founded in 2014, Bellabeat is the top 5 Y-COMBINATOR company in the W14 class. They create beautiful, innovative products that help women track their overall health while providing wellness and helping them better align their bodies and minds at different stages of life.

Bellabeat contributes to a better, healthier lifestyle by providing intuitive wellness tools, encouraging women to take care of their health and informing them.

Bellabeat has always been inspired by the beauty and power of nature, which is incorporated into all of their products. Some of the company's top investors include SV ANGEL, UNIVERSAL, CRUNCHFUND, Nicolas Berggruen, Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, Paul Buchheit, Tom Fallows, CherubicVC and Adrian Aoun.

The intelligent bracelet Ivy as well as many other health products from the Bellabeat brand are available on the German market in the MindTecStore. MindTecStore is the health shop for the latest technologies regarding mental and physical health.

For more information on the Bellabeat Ivy visit: https://www.mindtecstore.com/Bellabeat-Ivy-Unique-fashionable-fitness-bracelet-specially-designed-for-women-

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