Kinvent KFORCE Sens - Goniometer
KFORCE Sens is an inertial sensor allowing the assessment, monitoring and rehabilitation of the range of motion of the main body joints.

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Connected goniometer enabling joint movement amplitude measurements against an initial reference position. Sens is the ideal tool for joint assessment or biofeedback exercising.

  • Increase effectiveness of your intervention
    Assess your patient with precise metrics in less than 20 seconds, in strength, movement and balance.
  • Make smart and targeted training
    Create autonomous patient-based training protocols with real-time biofeedback.
  • Build engagment
    Involve your patient with personalized rehabilitation goals and a clear follow-up.
  • Motivate your patient
    Progress through rehab-gaming and play as Karl the Kangaroo.
  • Adopt a scientific approach
    Obtain precise analytics, benefiting from KINVENTs experience in research and professional sports.
  • Use biomechanics digital technologies
    As a modern physiotherapist, exploit biomechanics methodologies to enhance your practices.

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On more challenging

Meet Karl, the KINVENT?s kangaroo who moves in different playful setups. The games are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete with fun and towards a target, which can be adjusted in terms of percentage of the Max Evaluation, depending on the assessment results. Moreover, there are 10 levels of difficulty for each game, proposing an extra challenge to the patient/athlete.


Karl is a Scuba Diver! Your patient will have fun controlling motion and strength in order to avoid the mean fishes while collecting a fortune of pearls and diamonds.


This rehab-game makes Karl evolve with his hang-gliding in the desert. Controlling their strength and motion in order to make Karl avoid the cactus while collecting as much as possible of tree-leaf and butterflies, your patient will be happy to play.


Results details

Results details of a max assessment isometric strength for an horizontal shoulder abduction. The results allow to highlight the percentage of deficit or imbalance of the injured shoulder compared to the healthy one on this specific movement. Each KFORCE report can be exported in a PDF format.

Results over time

The key of the progress for the functional rehabilitation is the motivation. This motivation can be powered by the measurement and the ability to compare the starting point regarding the current state as well as how much effort are still remaining before the recovery or the return to sport. Each KFORCE report can be exported in a PDF format.

Use Case

Grip strength

Assessment of the grip strength done with the elbow at a 90° angle.

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Target Groups: Advanced Users Athletes Professional
Product Type: Gadget
Applications: Fitness Gift Pro Sports
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