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LUMO RUN Review by WAREABLE 19.04.2017 12:03

A runcoach which also really works

The Lumo Run is a personal running coach built inside a small sensor that clips onto any pair of shorts (or leggings). With your smartphone nearby and headphones in, it delivers real-time audio insights into your running to help correct form, reduce the chances of injury and hopefully get faster.

This is Lumo's third wearable after the posture-correcting Lumo Back and Lumo Lift and it's harnessing much of the same sensor tech to give the Run its tracking powers.When the Lumo Run was first announced it was pitched as a pair of smart running shorts or capris that you can slip the sensor into. Then the decision was made to launch the Lumo Run sensor with a small rubber case so you can clip it onto any running kit and make it smarter. We reckon this makes a lot more sense.

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