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AliveCor, Mayo Clinic developing AI screening test for heart condition that causes sudden death

Smartphone-connected ECG maker AliveCor is teaming up with the Mayo Clinic once again, this time to develop algorithms to screen for Long QT syndrome, a heart condition that can often cause sudden death, especially in children. The partnership also includes an additional, undisclosed investment in AliveCor from Mayo Clinic.
Long QT syndrome is named for the interval between the Q Wave and the T Wave on an ECG.
“For a number of people, they have a genetic mutation that causes the extension of the QT interval and they die,” AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra told MobiHealthNews. “It’s particularly tragic when this happens to children. You have no warning. What you find out is that their kid suffered from genetic Long QT and it was never caught. Parents spend much of their efforts afterward trying to educate other parents and to put into place screening programs to catch these things. Because if you know you have genetic Long QT, there’s lots of ways to treat it and it’s very very treatable.”

New Version of MUSE
27.06.2017 11:02

What's New in Version 11.

Longer Sessions
We have been humbled and pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm for doing long sessions. We have changed the maximum meditation session length from one hour to three hours. While we were at it we made an easier, quicker way to choose your session length.

Easy ways to share
Now you can share your results with any app that supports sharing on the iPhone, not just Facebook and Twitter. You can also go into your session list and share previous results at any time. Sharing your results can inspire others to start or continue their own practice.

We added notifications to inspire and help you to keep the meditation habit. To activate notifications, you may be asked to give permission. Simply click ‘Allow’ and you’re all set.


The Kardia Mobile has a CE approval and is available for purchase in the following countries:

USA, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, India, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Oman, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom.

In all other countries it is exclusively for medical Professional staff.


Sensoria honored in Germany for innovative technology, products, and partnerships

"REDMOND, Wash., June 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensoria Fitness, a world leader in artificial intelligence and smart garment technology, announces today, after being selected as a winner for the Editor’s Pick Awards by Runner’s World at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, it has now been named “Best Start-Up Company” by Future Textile Awards. This award program, created by the World Textile Information Network (WTiN), recognizes success in material innovation. The program also recognized Sensoria as a finalist in the “Best Product: Sports Textiles” and “Ground Breaking Partnership” categories at its award ceremony on May 10, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany."

Article about Lumo Run
30.05.2017 09:34

Hack Your Fitness: Lumo Run Helps Improve Your Running Form And Push Harder

Lumo Run is different than other runcoaches.

"In a market that's awash with devices that count steps, measure heart rate, and provide all kinds of data on how we're running, the Lumo Run measures running mechanics and gives you information to improve your form and run better. The device sits in a rubberized clip that fits snugly on your waistband at the small of your back. You fire up the app and go for a run."

New Lumo Lift App
09.05.2017 11:53

The new Lumo Lift App is now available with Exercises and Healthkit Integration

Lumo Lift is our wearable sensor that tracks posture, steps, distance, and calories burned. This small posture device provides gentle vibrational reminders for your posture whenever you slouch, coaching you to sit taller and stand stronger.

The following features are now available:
The App got an Logout Button. In addition, a "pain diary" is available. It asks customers if they have pain and asks them to rate it on a 0-10 scale. There are more questions to help the App to understand the customer. It asks what the user hopes to get from Lumo Lift, for example help by neck pain, help by back pain and so on...


Myontec shifts its smart clothing focus to elite athletes

Meet the muscle tracking shorts proving popular with professional sports teams
In 2014, Finnish company Myontec launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its Mbody Coach smart shorts, a more affordable version of its connected fitness apparel that uses electromyographic (EMG) technology to measure muscle load. Combined with heart rate and cadence data MBody wanted to help you get fitter, improve technique and even identify when you were at risk of an injury. It promised to pack in a real-time audio coach, too.

Unfortunately, the campaign for the $500 garment failed to muster up the $99,000 it was hoping raise, enticing just 65 backers to part with their money.

"We launched the Mbody mass production product in early 2014 and actually won the Sport & Fitness category at the Wearable Technology Innovations World Cup in Munich in January of that year," Myontec's CEO Janne Pylväs told us. "Based on our research we felt there could be a market on the consumer side and that's what we were trying to achieve with our crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately the market wasn't ready for that. It's still doable, but the demand for our product came from training centres and mainly from team sports."


A runcoach which also really works

The Lumo Run is a personal running coach built inside a small sensor that clips onto any pair of shorts (or leggings). With your smartphone nearby and headphones in, it delivers real-time audio insights into your running to help correct form, reduce the chances of injury and hopefully get faster.

This is Lumo's third wearable after the posture-correcting Lumo Back and Lumo Lift and it's harnessing much of the same sensor tech to give the Run its tracking powers.When the Lumo Run was first announced it was pitched as a pair of smart running shorts or capris that you can slip the sensor into. Then the decision was made to launch the Lumo Run sensor with a small rubber case so you can clip it onto any running kit and make it smarter. We reckon this makes a lot more sense.

News about Lumo Run
21.03.2017 12:18

Lumo Run integrates with Strava!

"Connect your GPS watch to Strava so you can run without your phone, but still get your pace, distance and route data. To connect Strava to your Lumo Run app, enter your Strava credentials through your Lumo Run Settings --> Connect Services --> Strava."

New App PipHub
08.03.2017 12:54


The new App "PipHub" is now available for iOS and Android.