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Launching kMeter 3.0 with Web Dashboard and Coaching Features

The kMeter feedback system for the kBox and kPulley flywheel training devices is only approximately three years old but has grown up fast. From the hardware being a separate box connected with a cable and the app an individual power meter, it has developed over time into a device with built-in electronics and plenty of added software features since the first release. Today we are excited to present the next step, kMeter 3.0.

Key points:

  • New functions include: cloud storage of data, coaching functionality and an extensive design makeover
  • Minor updates: all inertias now included (0.005 and 0.070 kgm2 added) and also a single turn mode for the kPulley
  • Previous functionality and cloud storage is still free and coaching functionality comes with attractive intro pricing
  • Upgrading to the new kMeter app from the current version includes migration of all of your data to the cloud


Along with a completely new design of the mobile apps, the kMeter 3.0 also includes a brand new online dashboard, located at data.exxentric.com  with all data safely stored in the cloud.

When logged in to the web dashboard, you get an overview of all your own and your clients’ training data, as well as a comparison of your strongest sets with the record training sets recorded globally. You’re also able to create one main account to use with both the new mobile apps and the web dashboard.

The other big update is the coaching functionality. This means you can invite your clients (or athletes or patients) to share their data or invite someone to be your coach (which could of course also be a physiotherapist or a personal trainer). A coach can register training sets for a client and access all clients’ kMeter data. This means you don’t have to switch between devices or distribute athletes’ data in a team as all registered coaches will have instant access to the data. 

In the free version, you can coach two clients, and in addition, there are two subscription plans for professional coaches. With the Plus plan, you can coach 25 clients and with the Premium plan you can coach up to 250 clients, for 10 or 20 USD per month respectively.

Setting up the kMeter 3.0 for multiple coaches in, for example, a sports team, having access to lots of athletes’ kMeter data is easy. Just upgrade your coaches to a Plus or Premium subscription plan, and have your athletes register accounts and send invites to their coach or coaches. Then, all coaches can access all data for the team’s athletes. No more shared tables or spreadsheets being emailed back and forth. 

During training, the coach can select a number of athletes and the order at which they train in. When one athlete has completed his or her set, it is saved and the app moves on to the next. This leads to much smoother sessions. If your athletes train by themselves, they can register the training with their own device but you will see data as soon as the set is completed.

Similarly, if you are a physiotherapist you can invite a patient to create an account, which takes no more than a click. After registering the sessions on the kBox or kPulley, you as well as your patient can easily access their training data on the web. 

When the rehab is over, the patient can revoke the access or give access to another physio. Hence, if your patient has been using the kBox or kPulley before, it is possible for you as a physiotherapist to have access to really useful baseline data going forward.

Of course, there is no difference in how you can use new kMeter 3.0 to monitor the progress of all your clients as a personal trainer or fitness facility owner. Use the data to show the improvements due to your flywheel training programs, illustrating the performance of one or of all your clients.

Lastly, we really hope you will like the new layout of the app. Beyond the design, the kMeter now also includes the full range of flywheels, from 0.005 to 0.070 kgm2 inertia. We have also added a single turn mode that automatically adjusts your metrics when using the single-turn interface with the kPulley.

For existing users, the new kMeter app will be available in the App Store and on Google Play from Tuesday (September 24th).  You can check it out already now in this video.

Before you upgrade your app we urge you to read our guide since your new kMeter app will replace the old one. This means all your old data stored in the current app will be migrated to the cloud so before you get started, read the migration guide.


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2019-09-25 14:11:00