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MBODY 3 Product family is now complete and available on GooglePlay Store

Mbody 3 product is now updated with 2 important new features especially for motion analysis and more scientific applications. The new features are:
  • IMU Off-line recording
  • Raw EMG 1000Hz off-line recording

The measuring device of Mbody 3, MCell 3, is equipped with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as a configurable option. The IMU sensor measures three separate signals: 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer providing 9 inertial signals synchronized with the existing 6 EMG signals from the shorts. As additional Option, the MCell 3 can be configured to record Raw EMG data at 1000Hz sampling rate instead of Avg EMG. The new features are supported in the Muscle Monitor v. 3.1. release. Currently both Options are available in Off-line mode only, meaning that both signals are stored into the MCell 3’s internal memory. Stored data (Avg EMG 1000Hz/25Hz or Raw EMG 1000Hz and IMU) can be downloaded to Muscle Monitor via UBS-cable. All data are visible on the Muscle Monitor’s “Signal”- window and the data are exportable in cvs-file format to other analysis software.

Myontec’s 3rd generation Mbody product family consists of: Mbody 3 Kit Mbody Live 3 mobile app (Android & iOS) Muscle Monitor v. 3.1 Mbody Pro Packages (Mbody 3 Kits + Muscle Monitor) Customized/Tailored products based on 3rd generation technology
Mbody Live 3 app offers visual user interface with impressive features to control exercises using muscle specific training zones and a muscle groups load map of the lower body. The Live 3 provides with clear and direct information for any kind of biofeedback analysis in real-time and in post analysis. You can get the free download of App from the Google Play and Apple Store.

To MBody 3

2018-11-19 10:32:00

WIWE  is a mobile ECG that makes measurements on a clinical level possible at home and on the go. Take advantage of the great New Year's offer and take your healthy lifestyle to a new level


The MAWI Cardio Patch, a disposable multi-ECG device, can achieve reliable, simple and convenient long-term ECG monitoring for patients. It helps to reliably diagnose patients' heart rhythm



Once again, a large number of MindtecStore partners will be represented with an exhibition stand at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf from 15-18 November 21. Experience the future together live on

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