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MBody Review by WAREABLE 20.04.2017 12:15

Myontec shifts its smart clothing focus to elite athletes

Meet the muscle tracking shorts proving popular with professional sports teams
In 2014, Finnish company Myontec launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its Mbody Coach smart shorts, a more affordable version of its connected fitness apparel that uses electromyographic (EMG) technology to measure muscle load. Combined with heart rate and cadence data MBody wanted to help you get fitter, improve technique and even identify when you were at risk of an injury. It promised to pack in a real-time audio coach, too.

Unfortunately, the campaign for the $500 garment failed to muster up the $99,000 it was hoping raise, enticing just 65 backers to part with their money.

"We launched the Mbody mass production product in early 2014 and actually won the Sport & Fitness category at the Wearable Technology Innovations World Cup in Munich in January of that year," Myontec's CEO Janne Pylväs told us. "Based on our research we felt there could be a market on the consumer side and that's what we were trying to achieve with our crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately the market wasn't ready for that. It's still doable, but the demand for our product came from training centres and mainly from team sports."

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