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Making training developments measurable - Kinvent Physio - The v3 generation is here!

Now new in the MindTecStore - The v3 generation of Kinvent Physio products

Convince yourself of the new v3 generation of Kinvent Physio products.

Kinvent Physio is an established manufacturer of physio-rehab-sport biofeedback measuring devices.

They make the training developments of your patients/athletes measurable and visible. Professionalize your practice through objective measurements and analysis of the training sessions.

The Kinvent Physio products take measurements of:

  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Balance

The measurements are easily and conveniently recorded during the training. Recording this data makes it possible to overview the development over time.

Training goals can be customized according to

  • Power
  • Scope and
  • Repeat

Set for patients.

The patient can see their conversion results in real time during training on the Kinvent Physio app. Corresponding training games motivate them at the same time and make training sessions fly by.

The Kinvent Physio devices are also suitable for patient/athlete remote care. The person being cared for can also carry out their training at home if they wish. Results can be viewed and controlled simultaneously via the Kinvent Physio app.

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Now new in the MindTecStore - The v3 generation of Kinvent Physio products: Making physio, sports and rehabilitation training developments measurable with biofeedback...