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Medicine of the future: Simplified long-term ECG monitoring through the latest developments in medical technology - innovative and convenient with the MAWI Cardio Patch

The MAWI Cardio Patch, a disposable multi-ECG device, can achieve reliable, simple and convenient long-term ECG monitoring for patients. It helps to reliably diagnose patients' heart rhythm problems.   

The MAWI Cardio Patch is applied to the patient's chest like a band-aid and can remain there for a maximum of 7 days. During this period, it provides information on heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature and movement as a 2-channel ECG.  
The MAWI Cardio Patch convinces with 7 important aspects: 

- Up to 7 days wearing time and data collection 

- Very comprehensive insight into the patient's vital parameters 

- Very hygienic due to single use  

- Hardly noticeable for patients as it is very light (21g) 

- Waterproof 

- Evaluations can be made by the physician himself; additional access to a free reporting service from MAWI is also available 

- Free management of patients and test results in the online dashboard  

For more information about the MAWI Cardio Patch: https://www.mindtecstore.com/MAWI-Cardio-Patch-Multi-ECG-Patch-for-effective-medical-examinations