Mind Stereo
***SOLD OUT*** A media player, which influences the neural activity of the brain (called brainwave phase coupling). This way a certain state of mind is created, for example relaxation or concentration

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Brainwave-Enhanced Visual Plugins

Every media player has visual plugins and there are hundreds online to choose from and download. These plugins are typically very creative and colorful - even hypnotic. In other words, they are perfect for brainwave entrainment! The great thing about Mind Stereo is that in addition to rendering these plugins, it adds a flash effect that contributes to the entrainment present in the audio. Sit and watch any visualization for 10 minutes - you will be amazed by the effects this combination can produce.


A useful feature of Mind Stereo is the ability to add an unlimited number of sound files to a playlist which will be applied as a continuous background to an ongoing brainwave entrainment session. So, for example, a 40 minute CD of 10 musical pieces could be used with a single 40 minute session. The files in the playlist will automatically play one after another while the session's frequencies continue their course.

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Relaxation / Meditation

If you are interested in deeper meditation, Mind Stereo is an incredible tool to have at your disposal. In the same way the neural patterns can be used effectively for concentration or energy, they can also be used for relaxation and for achieving deeper states of mind. The ability to easily adjust any parameters of the entrainment means you can create a unique experience, customized specifically to your preference. Everyone is different. For example you may find celtic or world music relaxing, while finding nature sounds irritating. Or, you may find regular music distracting and prefer ambience or environmental soundscapes. Whatever your preference, Mind Stereo allows you to experiment with the settings and create a unique experience tailored specifically to your mind. A number of meditation sessions are included - alpha, theta, delta, schumann resonance, and more. Net Radio presets of all types are also included (ambient, classical, nature, world music, and so on). Additionally, using the visual plugins is an amazingly powerful way to wind down quickly, and begin your meditation session in a trance-like, peaceful state.

Mind Stereo for Brain Training

People working with specific brainwave protocols or neurofeedback will find Mind Stereo to be a priceless tool. After a brainmap is done, this program can be used to help promote necessary neural rhythms. Mind Stereo is ideal for home use and gives clients the option to stimulate neural rhythms using their favorite music, in either CD or digital form. Or, if they have a particular genre they prefer, MS can tune into any online radio station - jazz, rock, country, pop and more. This can be particularly useful for clinicians or professionals working with children, who are often resistant to sitting down, focusing on feedback or listening to boring repetitive sounds.

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Control Over Entrainment

Commonly called the "Entrainment Equalizer," Mind Stereo incorporates a screen that allows you to easily and conveniently control all variables of entrainment. The best part is that you can control these variables on the fly, adjusting them and hearing the changes instantaneously, while playing! For example, you could increase the intensity of the pulse, change the pitch of the carrier, or increase the brightness of the visual flashes.

AudioStrobe Compatible

Mind Stereo can be used with any AudioStrobe-compatible device, such as a mind machine.
Listen to your favorite playlist while precisely timed photic stimulation takes you to a new level of musical enjoyment.

Headphones NOT Required

Because many of our entrainment methods do not rely on speaker assignments, you can use Mind Stereo without headphones and retain the full effect. In fact, many of the sessions are built for headphone-free use, and will be marked with a speaker icon. This can be particularly useful for Sleep sessions and, the latest phenomenon in brainwave therapy, "group entrainment."

Brain-Enhanced Internet Radio

Thousands of Stations!
Mind Stereo supports all of the popular net radio formats, which gives you access to a virtually unlimited amount of free, constantly changing music and nature sounds.
Every day in this industry we hear of users who become bored listening to the same background over and over. Studies on stimulus response have shown that once a stimulus is familiar its impact on the brain is far less. This may explain why binaural beat CDs seem to lose their effect over time. Therefore, a constantly changing and unique background can be a huge bonus to any entrainment session.
Hundreds of stations feature music or sounds that are suitable for entrainment and hypnosis work. There are ambient music stations, stations that play nature sounds, stations meant for sleep, yoga, meditation and more. There are even stations focusing on hypnosis scripts and self-improvement. Imagine being able to access all of these valuable resources, and at the same time benefit from a brainwave entrainment session of your choice! You could increase your receptivity to the hypnosis, or increase the depth of your relaxation in meditation. For stations focusing on exercise like yoga, you could use Mind Stereo to help induce a state of focus or "zone."
To give an example of the amount of variety out there, here are some popular net radio community sites:

  • Shoutcast
  • Live365 (requires user registration)
  • XIPH
  • DMOZ
  • Win Media

Mind Stereo also comes with a number of radio playlists, filled with stations we've found useful for entrainment, including ambient, classical, world music and more.

Brain-Enhanced Visual Plugins

Mind Stereo supports a common visual plugin format, so that you can benefit from the hundreds of stunning visualizations already created and available through community sites, such as http://support.xmplay.com/files.php?id=11
Screen Flashing Integration - When a Session is loaded, Mind Stereo will integrate subtle photic (light) entrainment into the display. You can control both the frequency and waveform of this stimulation. The brightness, color and other variables can be controlled in real-time, while playing. By default, entrainment in visual plugins is precisely synchronized with the audio, but can also be desynchronized for special effects.
Click here for more information on the science behind photic stimulation.
Use with eyes OPEN - While most forms of photic (light) stimulation require that your eyes be closed, the visual stimulation used in Mind Stereo is meant to be easy on the eyes. The combination of fantastic 3D visualizations and a soft visual entrainment stimulus is very powerful. Sit and watch for 10 minutes and you will see. We recommend letting your eyes close naturally if you begin to doze off - the audio part of the experience will continue to maintain the entrainment.