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Your personal neurofeedback training at home. Four protocols support the improvement of your ability to relax and/or focus, stress management and cognitive flexibility.

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Full Spectrum Training (eyes closed is optional)

The MindReflector Full Spectrum training is designed to increase a broad range of desirable brain waves, while inhibiting bandwidths often associated with depression, anxiety, mental rumination and hyper- arousal. The MindReflector Full Spectrum state is analogous to a state of relaxed openness. In this state, a person's mind is open, flexible and responsive. Although not associated with a clearly perceivable subjective state, enhancing this state increases a person's capacity to respond appropriately to environmental demands without getting stuck in those states. The MindReflector Full Spectrum training protocol is designed to promote a graded increase in a person's capacity to achieve the Full Spectrum state.

Full Spectrum Training Values (eyes closed is optional)

  • Augment Low Alpha (7.5 - 9.25)
  • Augment High Alpha (10.0 11.75)
  • Augment Low Beta (13.0 - 16.75)
  • Inhibit Delta (.5 - 2.75)
  • Inhibit Theta (3.5 - 6.75)
  • Inhibit Low Gamma (31.0 - 39.75)

Alpha-Theta Training (eyes closed is recommended)

During the MindReflector Alpha-Theta protocol, the brain's production of both Alpha and Theta waves is increased. At the same time, states that interfere with the Alpha-Theta state are inhibited. Alpha waves, especially in an eyes-closed state, are correlated with deep levels of relaxation usually achieved during meditation. Combining Alpha training with increases in Theta activity is believed to produce a unique state of consciousness that promotes psychological integration and may help produce transcendental experiences useful in resolving emotional issues and assisting during choice points in life. The Alpha-Theta state is believed to promote self -awareness, as well as spiritual and intuitive enhancement. Alpha-Theta training has been used to assist in the management of addictive disorders, as well as to assist persons in their personal psychological and spiritual development.
The MindReflector Alpha-Theta training protocol is designed to promote a graded increase in a person's capacity to experience the Alpha-Theta state.

Alpha-Theta Training Values (Eyes closed is recommended)

  • Augment Low Alpha (7.5 - 9.25 HZ)
  • Augment Theta (3.5 - 6.75)
  • Inhibit Delta (.5 - 2.75)
  • Inhibit Low Gamma (31 - 39.75 Hz)

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MindReflector® Protokolle werden verwendet um die folgenden Symptome zu verbessern:

  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Attention and Focus
  • CognitiveTraining
  • Self-reliance and self-awareness

MindReflector® has been succesfully tested in a clinical environment for two years. Research is underway to further assess system efficacy and system performance.

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Target Groups: Beginner
Applications: Attention Training Relaxation Neurofeedback
Product Type: Download Software
Operating System: Windows

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