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Mindfield eSense Pulse mobile pulse meter for Android and iOS
Escape from everyday stressness and experience your heart health with Mindfield. The 1-Channel-ECG breast sensor enables you to reduce everyday stress, fears and panic by analyzing your heart variability. Receive active Biofeedback on your preferred smart device to track your stress level. The first step to a healthier lifestyle – Mindfield. Compatible with Mindfield eSense Respiration

€ 149,00

including 19% VAT , free shipping



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Breath and heartbeat are life. Now click on "Add to basket" to complete the purchase and improve your life.

Heart rate variability and biofeedback

The ability of the organism to change the heart rate, ie the frequency of the heart rhythm, is called cardiac variability (HRV). The more adaptive the organism is to regulating the frequency of the heartbeat (the greater the heart rate variability), the healthier the human. If the heart beats stiffly, a person is about to die. Measurement of heart rate variability plays a major role in cardiology, competitive sports and coaching. Improving cardiac variability through targeted biofeedback training is at the forefront. To capture the current state and progress of a workout, the eSense app provides the essential statistics and analysis of the HRV.

Who is the eSense for?

  • For home users
  • For professional users such as Biofeedback Trainer or Therapist

Click on "Add to basket" to get your own Biofeedback Trainer at home.

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The eSense App

The price of the eSense consists partly of the hardware and on the other, not insignificant part of the software, the eSense App, together. In the programming and constant development of the app flow larger sums from the sales of the eSense. However, the eSense app is available for free in the app stores, so our customers do not pay in two places and besides, it is unfamiliar for most people to pay more for an app. The eSense offers unbeatable value for money and is a unique, high-precision biofeedback device with a wealth of features.


A procedure consists of differently composed modules. The procedures can thus be used e.g. Instructions for relaxation, a stress test, a defined biofeedback training session or tasks for research purposes. The possibilities are manifold. During a procedure, of course, your pulse is measured. After a procedure has been completed, a summary is displayed where, for each module and overall overview, your measurements are displayed.

New: Smart Bulbs

The eSense app supports biofeedback via smart bulbs. Smart bulbs can change their colors and brightness and be controlled via Bluetooth. This, in combination with the eSense app, allows you to use the light of the Smart Bulbs as an indicator of your stress or relaxation level. The app supports the Magic BlueŽ and Phillips HueŽ Smart Bulbs. From the eSense app you can connect the Magic Blue and use it in your biofeedback exercises.

{tab Features}

Which Android devices are supported?

  • All Android smartphones and tablets from Android 4.4
  • Your Android device needs Bluethooth

Supplied with the eSense Pulse

  • MindfieldŽ eSense Pulse + Chest Belt
  • Electrode Contact Spray
  • Free app from Mindfield available on the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training.

{tab FAQ}

Which iOS devices are supported?

The eSense devices work with the Apple iPhone from 4S, the Apple iPad from the 2nd generation, the iPad Pro, the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation and the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

Which Android devices are supported?

Android smartphones and tablets from Android 4.4.

I have an older device that does not work with the eSense app. What can I do?

If your Android version is under 4.1 or your iOS version is below 9.0, you can use our older apps for Skin Response and Temperature: eSense Skin Response for Android, eSense Skin Response for iOS, eSense Temperature for Android, eSense Temperature for iOS

Do you have any questions?

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Target Groups: Advanced Users Beginner
Operating System: Android iOS
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Gift Stress Management
Product features: Single channel sensor
Shipping weight:0,20 Kg
Product weight: 0,20 Kg

eSense Pulse Manual_DE

eSense Pulse Manual_EN

eSense Instructions for CSV handling_DE

eSense Instructions for CSV handling_EN

eSense Compatibility_DE

eSense Compatibility_EN


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