Mindfield eSense Skin Response and Respiration Set
The bulkiest biofeedback analysis for your health. This bundle contains a eSense Respiration and a eSense Skin Response to learn how to reduce your stress level, fears and panic by controlling your breath. Simply track your results on Mindfield App for iOS and Android and use biofeedback training to increase your body health.

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Biofeedback with the eSense Skin Response

Your skin conductance analyzes the arrival and relaxation of your skin and is a common stress indicator. With the eSense Skin Response you can measure your stress level and effectively reduce it with the help of biofeedback training. The eSense gives you an accurate feedback about your current stress level state in various forms of representation, such as through traces, video and audio presentations. For audio biofeedback, the device has a headphone output. In addition to the audio feedback, you can also listen to music or even listen to anti-stress training.

Who is the eSense for?

  • mainly for home users
  • For Professional Users (Biofeedback Trainer)

More precise measuring values thanks to adhesive electrodes

A valuable addition to this product are the new adhesive electrodes. They achieve even more accurate measuring values, as skin contact is always ensured and the conductivity values are transmitted in a stable manner.

The adhesive electrodes can be ordered separately

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Our state of mind is reflected in our breathing. When we are stressed and tense, we breathe faster, more irregular and flatter. If, on the other hand, we are relaxed and calm, or sleep, our breathing is usually slow, even and deep. More positive than negative stress is also reflected in our breathing. In everyday life, we rarely think of our breathing and breathing exclusively unconscious. When our unconscious breathing patterns are disturbed by chronic stress, pain or other mental and physical stress, it often causes malaise and the maintenance of stress. With breathing training, one can train and improve one's breathing, achieve deep relaxation states and significantly increase general well-being. Therefore, breathing plays in almost all relaxation techniques, e.g. Yoga, autogenic training, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation play a major role. With the biofeedback breathing training method & ebsp; and the eSense Respiration, there is now a modern tool to significantly improve your breathing.

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eSense Respiration with the eSense app gives you

  • a pressure sensor to record your breathing (respiratory rate, breathing depth, respiratory pattern)
  • Always use in conjunction with the eSense Skin Response, as a sensor cable
  • a comfortable stretch belt, washable and durable
  • to wear comfortably over the clothes
  • Unlimited recording time
  • extensive statistics on breath analysis
  • unlimited number of sessions and users
  • Respiratory aid for breathing training with freely adjustable intervals, help and more
  • Export the measurement data as a CSV file with compatibility with other software programs for further analysis
  • Export curves, charts and statistics as a PDF report.
  • Set any number of markers during a recording
  • Various pre-made training procedures are included in the app
  • Free training according to your wishes with each biofeedback variant or several at the same time
  • Extensive in-app help and manuals
  • Regular updates of the app
  • Combination capability with the eSense Pulse for heart rate variability biofeedback with determination of the cohesion between heartbeat and respiration!

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How can I make the exported measurements usable, e.g. in Excel?

The exported files are always CSV files. CSV stands for "Comma seperated values". This means that the values in the file are separated by a comma (,). These CSV files can be opened and edited with programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It is also possible to import and work with commonly used programming languages or frameworks such as SPSS, Matlab, R, Python, Numpy or Tensorflow. This guide is for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Your settings from Excel and Google Sheets are critical. The eSense app adjusts the measured values to the language used. In English, the numbers are usually separated with a dot. Thus, 1.5 in the German version 1.5 in the English version. So, if you open the CSV file with Excel or Google Sheets and the numbers do not make sense, it's mostly due to different languages set in the eSense app and Excel or spreadsheets.

Basically, therefore: If you use Excel or spreadsheets in German, you should also use the eSense app in German. If you use Excel or spreadsheets in English, you should also use the eSense app in English. This will save you the first two steps (replace decimal separator and split values into columns), and you can start directly with step 3 (apply skin conductance versus time). The examples shown in this guide are for the most part related to the eSense Skin Response. In principle, however, data from the eSense Temperature and eSense Pulse can be processed in the same way.


Target Groups: Advanced Users Professional Beginner
Operating System: Android iOS
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Health Stress Management
Product Type: Wearable
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Product weight: 0,40 Kg

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