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Modius Headset for weight loss
Weight loss made simple.The safe and smart neuro headset from Modius transform the entire weight loss and dieting journey by making it much more enjoyable through reducing your cravings and appetite. Lose weight healthier and safely without suffering. Many satisfied customers worldwide.

€ 369,00

including 19% VAT , free shipping

Old price: € 389,00


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{tab Product description}

Why postpone the eternal fight for the optimum weight when it can be so easy? Now click on "Add to basket" and get started within the next few days!

That happens in our body with Modius

Our brain constantly monitors how much we should weigh and automatically regulates this for us by changing our cravings, appetite and sense of fullness. When you are trying to lose weight, these are the key side effects that are known to make someone’s weight loss journey harder. Modius makes the whole process easier by stimulating the vestibular nerve which we know influences the hypothalamus and brain stem to reduce your cravings and appetite. When someone combines trying to lose weight along with using Modius regularly they should find it much easier to achieve their weight loss goal.

Now "Add to basket" to get quickly to your dream body.

{tab Function}


The hypothalamus regulates appetite by receiving feedback from hormones. The hypothalamus uses this feedback to automatically control your hunger. However, when body weight goes down the hypothalamus unfortunately increases appetite significantly. Modius targets your appetite during this time by controlling your appetite and stopping it from increasing significantly when you are trying to lose weight.


This area of the brain stem is called the nucleus of the solitary tract. It automatically regulates fullness by monitoring signals from the gut and hormone levels in the blood. It is this part of the brain that determines portion size and lets you know when you are full. When losing weight, it is this area of the brain stem that often leads to someone never feeling satisfied and typically results in overeating. Modius targets your feeling of fullness which should leave you feeling satisfied quicker and stop you overeating.

{tab App}

  1. Create your Profile - Set-up your own unique profile by adding a picture, writing a bio and following friends.
  2. Be Social - Share updates, post photos, watch videos, encourage community members and get notified when friends interact with your posts.
  3. Get Support - The team at Modius Health are active daily in Modius Life. Ask questions, get tips and follow our content as we strive to make sure you have a successful Modius journey.

  • modius Life members lose 15% more weight
  • 2454 active members
  • 5k posts
  • 100k reactions

{tab Features}

Operating Environmental Conditions

  • Environment: Home Personal Use
  • Temperature Range: 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Water Resistance: 0 m
  • Noise level: 0 dB

Storage Environmental Conditions

  • Temperature Range: 0 to 40 °C
  • Relative Humidity:

Expected Service life

The machine is guaranteed for 1 year but will often last longer. Accessories(leads, padsandwipes) are not covered by the guarantee.

  • Lead life depends greatly on use. Always handle leads with care
  • Electrode pads only last for 1 application and please refer to manufacturers information for expiry.
  • Wipe please refer to manufacturers packaging for expiry.

Notice: This manufacturer warranty does not limit your statutory warranty rights.

Storage Life

  • The headset unit has no fixed shelf life
  • Refer to manufacturers information for shelf life of the accessories(pads, leadsandwipes)

{tab FAQ}

Can my device be used by more than one person?

There is no limit to Modius except for the 16 hour compulsory break after one hour of use. Either you divide the time or find a different regulation as far as the usage time is concerned.

Do you have any questions?

Picture shows the contact button


Target Groups: Therapist Professional Beginner Advanced Users Physicians Hospital usages Athletes Developers
Operating System: Android iOS
Product features: Rechargeable Battery Bluetooth
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Health
Product Type: Headset Software Wearable
Shipping weight:1,30 Kg
Product weight: 1,00 Kg




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