MyEmotiv Software solution
Monitor your brain activity during daily life and improve your mental performance and well-being. For iOS and Android.

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MyEmotiv allows you to capture brain activity over 6 key cognitive metrics

EMOTIV?s Performance Metrics have been developed and tested using rigorous scientific methods. For each metric we designed experiments based on validated methods to evoke a range of cognitive responses and collected data from many volunteer subject wearing EMOTIV headsets as well as heart, respiration and skin conductance sensors. The data was passed through our signal processing and machine learning pipeline, creating the mathematical models behind each metric. Many of EMOTIV?s Performance Metrics have been independently assessed in peer-reviewed publications.

  • INTEREST - Measures how much you like or dislike something
  • ENGAGEMENT - Measures how immersed you are in what you are doing or experiencing
  • EXCITEMENT - Measures your level of mental arousal
  • STRESS - Measures how comfortable you are with the current challenge you are facing
  • RELAXATION - Is your ability to switch off and reach a calm mental state
  • FOCUS - Is your ability to concentrate on one task and ignore distractions

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Target Groups: Beginner Athletes Developers Therapist Professional
Applications: Biofeedback Neurofeedback STEM fields
Product Type: Software Accessory
Product features: BCI

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