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Myontec MBody 3 Smart Short
The Myontec MBody 3 Smart Short without MCell 3 EMG monitor. Mbody 3 shorts measure data from hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes muscles. Mbody Live 3 is the mobile app (free of charge) for field monitoring with simple biofeedback data. Compatible with Muscle Monitor software for Windows. Target and optimize your technique, define and gain better control over recovery processes and detect and prevent problems, such as imbalances and deviations, in your muscular system. Fully Machine Washable: 30 °C or 86 °F.
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€ 595,00

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All you need in one box.

From proper muscle activation order to specific muscle thresholds, you’ll have all the information you need to optimize your training quality. Whether you are wanting to maximize the results of your training or maintain a steady rehab regimen, determining your appropriate training intensity is vital to your overall performance success. The key is to balance your muscle load and cardiac output. Mbody 3 muscle activation measurements are the most accurate biosignal for determining and monitoring training load. It’s also much faster and more convenient in relation to blood lactate level measurements. Together with Heart Rate and Power data, you’ll get the most comprehensive info on your performance.

IMPORTANT:To use the MBody 3 Smart short you need to purchase the wireless MCell EMG measurement device to track and analyse your muscles during your training sessions.

{tab Function}

View and Review

You can analyse your exercise after the training in your mobile device or in PC software. The clear mobile user interface lets you see the differences between the right and left leg, about the quads/hams ratio, performance technique, latent problems etc. Further analyses can be carried out in Muscle Monitor PC software service, together with heart rate and route information.

{tab Features}

Mbody 3 product is now updated with 2 important new features especially for motion analysis and more scientific applications. The new features are:

  • IMU Off-line recording
  • Raw EMG 1000Hz off-line recording

The measuring device of Mbody 3, MCell 3, is equipped with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as a configurable option. The IMU sensor measures three separate signals: 3D accelerometer, gyroscope magnetometer providing 9 inertial signals synchronized with the existing 6 EMG signals from the shorts. As additional Option, the MCell 3 can be configured to record Raw EMG data at 1000Hz sampling rate instead of Avg EMG.

The new features are supported in the Muscle Monitor v. 3.1. release. Currently both Options are available in Off-line mode only, meaning that both signals are stored into the MCell 3’s internal memory. Stored data (Avg EMG 1000Hz/25Hz or Raw EMG 1000Hz and IMU) can be downloaded to Muscle Monitor via UBS-cable. All data are visible on the Muscle Monitor’s "Signal"- window and the data are exportable in cvs-file format to other analysis software.

Please NOTE that due to the additional IMU signals and/or higher Raw EMG data (1000Hz) the standard 30 h memory capacity is reduced as follows:

  • With IMU (25Hz) 12 h
  • With Raw EMG (1000Hz) 45 min
  • With IMU & Raw EMG 18 min

The new Options can be ordered as customized Options with the Mbody 3 product deliveries. When ordering, please specify which one you need. You can also order both Options to be configured in MCell 3 but remembering the very limited memory capacity. Also, existing MCell 3 devices can be upgraded with both features; please ask for the ordering instructions.

The pricing:

  • IMU Off-line recording
  • Raw EMG 1000Hz off-line recording
  • MCell 3 Upgrade for IMU recording


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