Myontec MBody Bike&Run
Intelligent shorts to analysis of the muscle load in combination with heartrate and heart rhythm. Specially for running and biking. (MCell not included)

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Mbody MShorts collect real time information from your muscle acitivity. Mbody products are developed for you to achieve your highest performance. Bike&Run model has Elastic Interface® padding and it is designed especially for biking. Bike&Run model suits also for running and therefore it can be used for Triathlon.

Please note that you will need MCell measurement module to be able to collect muscle activity data.

Myontec designs intelligent clothing

World's first and only muscle sensing smart shorts, mobile app with real-time monitoring, online sports diary with versatile exercise analysis and follow-up features. Myontec Mbody is the most complete & comprehensive training system available for analyzing your everyday work-outs and performance. Myontec Mbody Pro is the best intelligent garments that measures your muscles activity, and, along with our phone apps and Muscle Monitor software, offers for professional customers a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior while doing exercise. Our slogan, Know Your Muscles, defines all we are aiming for.

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You can analyse your exercise after the training in your mobile device or in cloud service. The clear mobile user interface lets you see the differences between the right and left leg, about the quads/hams ratio, performance technique, latent problems etc. Further analyses can be carried out in Suunto Movescount cloud service, together with heart rate and route information. Sharing your move in Movescount cloud service and in your social network is behind one button.

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Illustrates the balance in muscle work and changes in it

  • Notice hidden problems
  • Detect muscle imbalances & weaknesses
  • Improve the balance of your muscle work

Did you know that 75% of the lower body injuries are due to imbalance?


Muscle Load

Monitors the level of muscle load and changes in the load

  • Assure the state of readiness & impact of warming up
  • Control muscular loading
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Manage training intensities

Did you know that warming up improves neuromuscular control and lowers muscle activity? A proper warm-up reduces the risk of injury.


Tracks the quads/hams ratio and changes in it

  • Improve your technique
  • Control loading patterns (sports specific)
  • Monitor the impact of intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors on the loading ratio

Did you know that for a top athlete the quads/hams ratio is approx.

  • 40/60 % in running
  • 50/50 % in cycling?

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  • MShorts Bike&Run
  • Quick guide
  • Wash / tote bag
  • Spray bottle

Downloads and applications

  • Mbody Live for Android devices
  • Mbody Link for PC


  • Suunto sports community

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Kjell Calström talking about Myontec Mbody





Material: Spandex
Applications: Activity Tracker Biofeedback EMG Fitness Gift Running Pro Sports Peak Performance
Clothing: Ladies Men Pants
Target Groups: Professional Therapist Athlete
Color: Black
Product weight: 5,50 Kg

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