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NEW: Forbrain - Use the power of your voice to train your brain

Train Your Attention, Speech and Memory with Forbrain

Forbrain® functions as an audio-vocal workout. The moment you speak, this unique device corrects the sound of your voice via a dynamic filter. The sounds are immediately transmitted back to you by bone conduction, that is, by vibration through the bones situated in front of the ears. You won`t hear any echo, but you will hear your voice differently.

When you speak using Forbrain®, your voice is immediately transmitted back to you by bone conduction. This involves the transmission of sound by vibration through contact with the bones situated in front of the ear. This type of transmission is 10 times faster than air transmission, and of far better quality. It is the most natural way to hear yourself. Bone conduction therefore enables you to hear your voice in a very clear and natural way.

By using Forbrain® you will perceive your own voice filtered and modulated by a frequency-modifying filter. This filter is dynamic, meaning it continually activates and de-activates depending on the sounds you are uttering. It is programmed to amplify high frequencies and soften low frequencies, and is triggered by the initial articulation of words and by the pronunciation of long vowels. It highlights the so-called ?bright sounds? which play a very significant role in language development. This extremely sensitive dynamic filter enables you to hear your corrected voice. Consequently, your speech will be improved spontaneously and without conscious effort, and your voice will become more rhythmic, more resonant and more harmonious.


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2018-07-20 10:48:00