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NEW Halo Sport 2 - Performance increase is a matter of the mind

The new Halo Sport 2 with new and improved features is now available in Germany. Unlike the Halo Sport 1, the Halo Sport 2 already comes with a built-in Bluetooth adapter, providing a completely wireless audio experience with enhanced sound quality and high-end headphones. These new features allow you to listen to music during your workouts and make phone calls easily. The Halo Sport 2 is a neurostimulation device that was developed to learn and implement motion sequences faster. The Halo Sport 2 is all about timing. A training session with Halo Sport 2 consists of 20 minutes of neuropriming, followed by about 60 minutes of hyperplasticity or "hyperlearning": The benefits of Halo Sport 2 are greatest right after the 20 minute priming time, as the brain performs best during this hyperplasticity phase responded to the subsequent training. Over the next 60 minutes, this effect slowly fades. As soon as you remove the headset, you should be ready to go straight into your workout. The Halo Sport 2 stimulates the motor cortex in the brain, which is responsible for different muscle groups. In combination with physical training Halo Sport 2 accelerates strength, explosiveness and endurance. Depending on which muscle group you want to work out, Halo Sport 2 allows you to choose from a variety of Neuroprimimg sessions. • Choose the legs, core, and arms when working on larger muscle groups such as squats, running, dancing, or martial arts. (This session requires all 3 primers). • Choose the Hand & Fingers Session when working on fine motor skills, such as dribbling a basketball, working on the tennis racket or playing an instrument. (This training session requires 2 primers). Training results with the Halo Sport 2 headphones are best when the training duration is paired with intense, repetitive movements for the specific ability you want to improve. So, whether you're a high-performance athlete, dancer or musician, Halo Sport 2 can help you improve your performance, better translate your coordination efforts, and learn complex processes or tunes faster.

Halo Sport 2

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2019-06-27 11:41:00