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NEW: Modius Headset to lose weight

The Smarter Way to lose weight

Modius uses neuroscience to make weight loss easier by:

  • Reducing Cravings 
  • Decreasing Appetite 
  • Making You Feel Fuller, Quicker 

Many start their weight loss journey by adopting a calorie reduced diet which causes neurological changes that actually make you more likely to notice food than before dieting, and once you notice it, these changes make it hard to stop thinking about it. In fact, diet-induced neurological changes make food not only taste better, but also cause food to give a bigger rush of the hormone dopamine (that’s the same hormone which is released when addicts use their drug of choice). Dieters also face an uphill battle because dieting has also changed their hormones. Their levels of the satiety hormone leptin go down, which means that now it takes even more food than before to make them feel full. On top of this, the weight loss journey is made even more complicated when you consider all the additional factors that could be working against you such as; genetics, stress, hormones, sleep, age, medication, disabilities, lifestyle to name but a few. Modius was created by Dr. Jason McKeown to transform the entire weight loss and dieting journey by making it much more enjoyable through reducing your cravings and appetite.

Our brain constantly monitors how much we should weigh and automatically regulates this for us by changing our cravings, appetite and sense of fullness. When you are trying to lose weight, these are the key side effects that are known to make someone’s weight loss journey harder. Modius makes the whole process easier by stimulating the vestibular nerve which we know influences the hypothalamus and brain stem to reduce your cravings and appetite. When someone combines trying to lose weight along with using Modius regularly they should find it much easier to achieve their weight loss goal.

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2019-01-17 08:00:00

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