NEW: Now relieve pain with the Welltiss PEMF therapy device

02.10.2019 11:19

Heal, recover and regenerate faster with Welltiss PEMF Therapy. When your body is exhausted, Welltiss helps you recover faster. By using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, Welltiss helps your body repair, revitalize, and regenerate faster, in a non-invasive and natural way. Muscle and bone injuries are rapidly recovering so you can steadily improve your physical performance without taking big breaks. Several independent tests over decades have proven that PEMF therapy supports healing of tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscle and bone tissue. Welltiss uses this method to influence cell behavior by inducing absolutely safe but effective electrical charges in and around individual cells. Controlled via an app and applied directly to your body wherever you need help, you can tailor the wellness features to your needs.

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