NEW in our Shop: Mindfield eSense Skin Response - Measure and regulate your stress anywhere, anytime on your smartphone or tablet

14.12.2017 10:14

From now on you receive the eSense Skin Response in our shop. The eSense Skin Response from the company Mindfield is a handy sensor for measuring the skin conductance via the microphone input of a smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple iOS). The skin conductance is related to tension and relaxation and is a common stress indicator. With the eSense Skin Response you can measure your stress level and effectively reduce it with biofeedback training. The eSense gives the user precise feedback about the current level of stress in a variety of forms, e.g. through measurement curves, video and audio presentation. For audio biofeedback, the device has a headphone output. In addition to audio feedback, you can also listen to music or audio books during anti-stress training! The app belonging to the eSense is completely free and also allows an export of the collected measurement data via email.

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