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NEW in our Shop: Picooc Mini Pro - The smallest Bluetooth body analyzer smart scale

The PICOOC Mini uses a square body. The length of the scale is only 260 mm and the thickness is only 20mm. It is fine and thin. At the same time of losing weight, we make the center of gravity to the minimum so that the weighing will become more secure. The surface uses the tempered glass panel, the bottom uses super large feet. The inventiveness technology of plastic unibody makes the scale more tough. With the high-precision weighing sensor, it can perceive the subtle changes in your body; with BIA chip of fat measurement, it can quickly measure the amount of body fat and makes each weighing accurate. Mini uses hidden advanced red led as display lamp which displays clear, with strong penetrability. The numbers can be clearly displayed even at night. Each time you step on your PICOOC scale, the PICOOC app will show you a comprehensive report about your body fat, muscle and body type etc. ? totally 11+2 parameter, along with clear information about the standard values for your reference. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight, become fit or just stay like you are ? the PICOOC smart scale and App will help you reaching your goals.

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2018-04-05 10:44:00