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Neeuro SenzeBand EEG Headset
Explore your brain activities and increase your learning potentials with Neeuro. The EEG headset for every age enables app-guided brain training to increase your concentration and learning skills. Track your attention, focus, mental workload and relaxation levels to start finding out how to learn better. Developed for kids and school classes for better grades - now available for computer classes.

€ 289,00

including 19% VAT , free shipping

Old price: € 349,00


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You can take the advantages of the Neeuro SenzeBand if you click "Add to basket" now.


  • Brain Training - give your mind a boost with neuroscience games
  • Concentration Training - improve your focus with over 15 games in Memorie
  • Decision - train to make better decisions
  • Cognitive Flexibility - increase your productivity by accelerating your responsiveness
  • Rethinking - understand the space around you better
  • Brain Activity Tracking - track your mental state with brainwave sensors
  • Safe to use - certified safe and non-invasive
  • Wireless sync - sync your statistics via Bluetooth
  • Long battery life - up to 4 hours per charge
  • One size fits all - the adjustable bumpers provide a perfect fit
  • Compatible with all common devices - compatible with iOS and Android
  • Tracking - view your mental states in real time with brain wave sensors

Exercise while understanding your mind

The Neeuro SenzeBand not only teaches you brain training based on mental exercises, but also helps you to understand your mind during exercise. The Neeuro has a built-in brain wave sensor that detects your mental condition and shows you whether your mind is responding positively to your workouts. Neeuro SenzeBand helps you train your mind even better.

Attention state

Neeuro SenzeBand detects if you are getting enough concentration during the exercises. They can track your attention and thus control even better and identify which visual and auditory things distract you.

State of relaxation

The mind works better when in a more relaxed state. By looking at your relaxation levels, you can understand how different mental stimuli or environments affect your training.

Mental workload status

When our brain has problems, our mental burden is increased. Track your mental load and see if existing workouts sufficiently stimulate the mind.

Achieving more in less time means more time for relaxation. To get there, just click "Add to basket" now.

{tab Function}

Step 3:

Click the power button to turn on the SenzeBand. A static green light indicates that the SenzeBand is on. A red light indicates that the battery is full and needs to be charged.

Step 4:

Open the Memorie application and create an account or log in to your account. Go to Settings in the application > If > Add a new one and follow the instructions to connect to your SenzeBand.

Step 5:

Make sure your forehead and SenzeBand's sensors are clean. It is recommended to use non-alcoholic cleaners.

Step 6:

Place the SenzeBand on the forehead and make sure the sensors sit about 2 to 3 inches above the eyebrows. Excessive placement of the sensors on the forehead may result in inaccurate measurements or unstable connection.

Step 7:

Adjust the rear reference sensors so that they fit securely behind both ears.

Step 8:

To make sure the connection is set up correctly, go to Settings > in the Memorie app. Run and set the SenzeBand until all four indicators on the application are green. This means that the sensors on the SenzeBand have a good signal when reading your brain waves. Have fun with your SenzeBand!

{tab Apps}

Galini understands - everyone is different

In combination with a SenzeBand, Galini will actively respond to your unique EEG signals to ensure that the individual elements in your sessions match to achieve the best results for you personally. Insights into your own state of mind; Recognize the patterns on your way to relaxation, mood and mindfulness at the end of each session.


The basic version of Galini is free with 3 applications. For the use of other applications, a paid premium account is necessary.


Control a robot with your mind

MindSync acts as a control center where DIY robots and devices are synchronized with the Neeuro SenzeBand. With this setup, you can use SenzeBand and MindSync to easily control your robot or other devices through your brainwaves.

1.) Connect several robots or microcontrollers at the same time

2.) Real-time measurements show your attention and focus plane

3.) With adjustable alert thresholds, you can use the app to control the levels of difficulty controlling your devices and customize your projects

Encoding and moving robots with Brainwave technology

Neeuro's SenzeBand is a brain wave sensor that detects a user's focus levels. Integrate your brainwave technology with programmable gadgets to create innovative inventions. Combine brainwave technology with programming, STEM training and robotics. The possibilities are endless, from mind-controlled robots to assistant robots tracking your focus levels.

Setting up the app and the robot

1.) Download Mindsync - the central office that sends brainwave signals from the SenzeBand to your robot or microcontroller

2.) Set up the robot - code your robot or microcontroller so that its actions can only be controlled with your brainwaves.

3.) Connect and learn

micro: bit is a microcontroller that can be integrated as a communication device, game console and even into complex systems. micro: bit is suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Makeblock mBot

With the Makeblock drag-and-drop programmer, students can easily program the mBot with standard or custom codes to make learning easier. The mBot is suitable for secondary schools.


LEGO EV3 helps make, program, and control LEGO robots better, faster, and more interesting than ever before. The EV3 is suitable for the tertiary range.

Arduino Uno

A microcontroller board based on ATmega328P, Arduino UNO is the best platform to become familiar with electronics and programming. Arduino UNO is suitable for higher education.

Mind Viewer

Control your path to optimal mental performance while working, learning or playing

MindViewer is a visualization tool that allows you to understand the mental states of the frontal cortex while you are learning, working or just pausing.

1.) Connect MindViewer and SenzeBand - create your SenzeBand and use MindViewer.

2.) Track Your Mental Activity - record your state of mind as you learn, work or play.

3.) Look at the results - check your mental state table.

4.) Check ProgressDWi - compare your results to earlier sessions.

{tab Features}

Here you can download the apps:

download linkdownload link

{tab FAQ}

Do you have any questions?

contact link


Neeuro Memorie Whitepaper_EN

Neeuro SenzeBand Quick Start Guide_EN

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SenzeBand Manual_EN

SenzeBand Manual_DE


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